Www.gnronline.it - the end


Dear Gunners,

we regret to tell you that in relation to the protest we started on December 7th 2006 ( read related article ), our Guns fan sites and forums, gnronline.it and gnronline.org, will be shut down at once. The never ending saga of Chinese Democracy, the lack of respect, clearness and mutual loyalty are just some of the reasons that has brought us down to this painful conclusion. Until now our detractors have always accused us of being ?Axl Fanatics? (and to a certain degree it is probably true) but today we aren?t able to sustain Axl?s project anymore, neither financially nor economically. We just can?t afford to waste our heads on a project that has never even taken us into consideration. We gladly leave that to other ?fan? sites and forums that have the will and passion to be fooled around one more time.

It is also sad that the fore mentioned websites and forums, most of whom claim to have direct links to the GNR camp, have build a wall between them and other sites like ours (as well every other fan out there), reluctant to even start collaborations from whom we all would have benefit from.

GNRonline shutting down will not only affect the flow of GNR news and discussions in Italy, but it will also tear apart a community of 3500 users who have been maintaining daily relationships and friendship through this website for many years now. Coherence though is one thing that have always been a key point of our conducts, and despite the fact that closing down upsets us a lot, this is the only thing that makes sense to do at this point.

We still want to believe in Axl Rose and his record and we greatly wish that Chinese Democracy would see the light of day before February 2008. If that will be the case we will make our best effort to re-open the site otherwise our domains will be lost and that will be the end of it.

While hoping to see you all again real soon,

Take Care,

The GNRonline.it/GNRonline.org Staff.

Στο τελος θα βγουν στους δρομους με πανο και συνθηματα…:lol: :lol:

Δεν υπάρχει πια το gnronline.it; :-k

Τι κρίμα!
Τώρα τι θα κάνουμε; :frowning:
Τί νόημα θα έχει πια η ζωή μας χωρίς αυτό; :cry:

:lol3: :lol3:

Στο καλό και να μας γράφετε! :twisted:

Ούτως ή άλλως τα http://www.heretodaygonetohell.com/ και http://www.newgnr.com/ κάνουν πολύ καλύτερα τη δουλειά τους! :slight_smile:

Ti athlio banner!!!

Αυτοι ακομα διαμαρτυρονται?:stuck_out_tongue: :lol: #-o

:lock: :lock: :lock:

Καλά ρε παιδιά νόμιζαν πραγματικά ότι θα τελείωσει το άλμπουμ αυτή την χιλιετία???#-o

Ως το 3000μ.χ έχει καιρό ακόμα.:lol: