Avantasia - The Mystery of Time

Πρώτο μουσικό δείγμα από το επερχόμενο Avantasia album The Mystery of Time (release March 2013):


Tobias Sammet:
[I]“The new material sounds very fresh and new and yet you can hear the old classic AVANTASIA vibe on the album, it will be an enchanting fairytale again, far away from any musical trends. Anyway, I feel at home when I listen to those melodies, choirs and guitars. I had and have so many ideas that I had to restrain myself a little, otherwise the album would become too long, and I’m trying not to do a double album this time. However, I am really excited, and I just thought I’d let you know how excited I am. I’ll try to give you more updates from now on.”

“For the first time in the history of Avantasia, we’re working with a real symphonic orchestra: The German Film Orchestra Babelsberg! You may remember it, they have worked with Rammstein, Bryan Adams, Shania Twain, and also with Edguy on the Hellfire Club album. It’s an enchanting fairytale we are working on, so we really have no choice but to finally have a real orchestra - after all it’s an epic Rock-, or probably Metal Opera![/I]”

Επιβεβαιωμένες μέχρι στιγμής συμμετοχές από Michael Kiske (vocals), Bob Catley (vocals), Amanda Somerville (vocals), Biff Byford (vocals), Russell Gilbrook (drums), Sascha Paeth (guitars and producer).

Σχετικά με το album:
Michael Kiske :
“I will sing on three to four songs, although it might be possible that there will be even more as the guys are still in the middle of songwriting and recording. The songs I will sing are typical Avantasia songs, great melodies in a Power-Metal vesture. I really like the material, Tobi simply is able to compose excellent and great melodies.”

"I just talked to Michi Kiske and he said that the stuff reminds him a lot of the old classic Avantasia material in the good old Keeper style. As a fan, now that sounds even exciting to me, so the circle shuts. Michael Kiske is on board again! I bet you expected this, you can hear him loud and clear, and he is still the number one vocalist in that range - unbelievable!"



ετσι. να προσκυνάμε τους μάστορες 8)

Παμε ρε ποιστ. Ξεθαβω δισκογραφια.

το έκανα πριν κατι ώρες:roll: να μπαίνουμε πάλι στο κλίμα σιγά σιγά. και μονο με τα τωρινά ονόματα θέλω να πιστεύω ότι θα έχουμε στη χειρότερη δίσκο όπως τους 2 προηγούμενους που τους λάτρεψα.

…αυτά είναι:):!:

Photo © Joakim LenellAfter Biff Byford (Saxon), Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween, Unisonic), Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon, ex-Vengeance), Bruce Kulick (Grand Funk Railroad, ex-KISS, ex-Meat Loaf) and the German Filmorchestra Babelsberg another participent can now be announced: It’s Pretty Maids vocalist Ronnie Atkins who will sing a role on the new Avantasia Metal Opera “The Mystery Of Time” (out in March 2013).

Tobias comments: “I have been a huge Pretty Maids fan since I was a teenager. I already asked Ronnie to be on the Metal Opera in 1999, but he was busy back then. Last year I saw Pretty Maids live, and they were a steam train on stage, unbelievable. After the show we met and Ronnie was a great guy. Finally after 13 years, I am really proud to have him on the new Avantasia album. And his kick-ass performance leaves no doubt: It was a great decision to ask him!”

πσι και συνεχίζει να φέρνει κόσμο ο κ. Τομπίας. Καταπληκτικά και σε αυτή τη περίπτωση. φωνάρα απλά.

Θέλω οπωσδήποτε να τους δω φέτος!!!

Και πάλι οι συμμετοχές είναι top! Πλέον έχω εμπιστοσύνη στον ιδιοφυή Sammet και για το τι θα βγάλει

Νέα από το site των Avantasia σχετικά με τον νέο δίσκο:

Lyrically it marks a conceptual story again, and the tracklist reads as follows:

The Watchmakers’ Dream
Black Orchid
Where Clock Hands Freeze
Savior In The Clockwork
Invoke The Machine
What’s Left Of Me
Dweller In A Dream
The Great Mystery

Νέα συμμετοχή στα φωνητικά με τον [B]Joe Lee Turner[/B] ([I]Deep Purple, Rainbow,Yngwie Malmsteen[/I]) που το κάνει ακόμα πιο ενδιαφέρον.

Μακάρι να τον δούμε και στο tour…

υπάρχει περίπτωση αυτό να είναι το εξώφυλλο; :-s


χαχααχαχχα καλό αλλά ελπίζω όχι :stuck_out_tongue:

Αλλιώς έχω τους Αvantasia στο μυαλό μου

Μέχρι στιγμής κανένας guest δεν μου δημιουργεί καν το ενδιαφέρον να δω πως θα ακούγεται. Άντε για τον χαβαλέ θέλω να δω τι θα κάνουν μαζί με τον Arjen. Τα υπόλοιπα μου φαντάζουν πιο προβλεπόμενα κι από τον Ε.Σ. σε επιθεώρηση.

Το ένα καλό είναι ότι παρά την συνθετική κατιούσα των Edguy, όλες οι δουλειές των Avantasia ως τώρα είναι από αξιόλογες και πάνω.

Το δεύτερο καλό είναι πως πλέον μόνο στους Avantasia τραγουδάει κάτι της προκοπής ο Kiske.

Γενικά, μικρές προσδοκίες πάντως.

…και ο Αρζεν και ο Μπίφορντ είναι αξιόλογοι γκεστ…νομίζω ότι η Avantasia είναι η καλή πλευρά του Σάμμετ:):!:

[B][I][U]Different editions[/U][/I][/B]

  1. CD Digipack: 10 tracks + bonus track.
  2. CD Standard: 10 tracks.
  3. 2LP
    4: 2PIC LP
    6: 2CD DIGIPACK EARBOOK (Special limited edition): 10 tracks + bonus track + 2nd CD.

[I]Comments about Songs (Pre-listening session)[/I]

  • 2 Ballads (one with Eric Martin)
  • 2 Long tracks (+ of 10 min)

More theatrical and with a real orchestra…

  • ‘[B]Spectres[/B]’: theatrical.
  • ‘[B]Savior In The Clockwork[/B]’: epic.
  • ‘[B]The Watchmaker’s Dream[/B]’: duet guitar/keyboards.
  • ‘[B]Where Clock Hands Freeze[/B]’: speed/power metal. with Kiske with a performance returning to 1987.
  • ‘[B]Invoke The Machine[/B]’: Ronnie Atkins duet with Tobi. One of the best.
  • ‘[B]The Great Mystery[/B]’: closing Meat Loaf-esque.


…νομίζω ότι η απλή έκδοση είναι μια χαρά, οι άλλες δεν βλέπω νά’χουν κάτι το δελεαστικό:):!:

“The Mystery of Time” is an opus filled with magic and with a very special novelty, for the first time the project is joined by a real symphony orchestra. The chosen ones are the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg, which gives the ten bombastic compositions a more dynamic feeling.

[B]01. ‘Spectres’ (Joe Lynn Turner/Tobias Sammet) (6:00+/-)[/B]

The classical, rock and metal melt into a magical, virtuoso creation- led by a haunting melody, which every Hollywood director would love to have on their movies. Joe Lynn Turner gives the song an additional Classic Rock spirit.

[B]02. ‘The Watchmaker’s Dream’ (Joe Lynn Turner/Tobias Sammet)[/B]

Another duet with the charismatic American singer and in this songs also additional guitarist wizard Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon, ex-VENGEANCE) and Hammon organ player Ferdy Doernberg (AXEL RUDI PELL) are featured. The song is based on DEEP PURPLE-inspired classic rock, but in a speed style and with some musical flair.

[B]03. ‘Black Orchid’ (Tobias Sammet/Biff Byford)[/B]

Continues the heritage of pomp-rockers like QUEEN and MEAT LOAF. This time Tobi Sammet chooses a duet partner the NWOBHM legend Biff Byford of SAXON, while ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick plays the guitar.

[B]04. ‘Where Clock Hands Dream’ (Michael Kiske/Tobias Sammet)[/B]

We know the ?Hessian born? founder of Avantasia grew up with HELLOWEEN as a teenager and Michael Kiske has been one always on any AVANTASIA albums. The fast track ‘Where Cold Hands Freeze’ is really written for the voice of the Hamburg born Kiske with the golden voice and the magic is there immediately.

[B]05. ‘Sleepwalking’ (Tobias Sammet/Cloudy Yang)[/B]

With ‘Sleepwalking’ you can take a short break. The emotional - mostly ballad style - number has a distinctive pop appeal thanks to the great duet between Cloudy Yang and Tobias Sammet and this is another highlight of this CD.

[B]06. ‘Savior In The Clockwork’ (Michael Kiske/Joe Lynn Turner, Byford) (11:00+/-)[/B]

It get epic again on the nearly 11-minute ‘Savior In The Clockwork’, an uptempo track with great suspense and film score feeling. This song features Joe Lynn Turner, Biff Byford and Michael Kiske, three of the VIP guests and they start a real musical firework.

[B]07. ‘Invoke The Machine’ (Ronnie Atkins/Tobias Sammet)[/B]

Hard, yet warmly starts ‘Invoke The Machine’ from the speakers and the PRETTY MAIDS shouter Ronnie Atkins delivers a superb vocal performance.

[B]08. ‘What’s Left Of Me’ (Eric Martin/Tobias Sammet)[/B]

You can now breath a little bit in ‘What’s Left Of Me’, a pompous rock number with singer Eric Martin of MR. BIG as a guest, before it comes to the final showdown.

[B]09. ‘Dweller In A Dream’ (Michael Kiske/Tobias Sammet)[/B]

The epic ‘Dweller In A Dream’ is really written for the voice of the Hamburg born Kiske with the golden voice and the magic is there immediately.

[B]10. ‘The Great Mystery’ (Joe Lynn Turner/Biff Byford/Bob Catley/Tobias Sammet) (10:00+/-)[/B]

‘The Great Mystery’ begins melancholic, but turns out to be an exciting track to combine again all strengths of Avantasia. This songs features Joe Lynn Turner, Biff Byford and Magnum vocalist Bob Catley; Bruce Kulick additionally delivers a fantastic riff oriented guitar playing. For the second time, this is a longer than 10 minutes track which ends The Mystery Of Time".

[I]Πρώτο review:


όμορφα όμορφα

Το ρεφραίν δεν λέει πολλά. Συμπαθητικό κομμάτι κατά τα άλλα.

Σαρώνει η μουστόγρια ο Atkins ακόμα :!: