Circle Takes The Square - Decompositions: Volume 1

Μετά από ένα χρόνο και, έχουμε νέα για το album :smiley:

DECOMPOSITIONS recording sessions have begun. On the 1st day of January, 2011 we convened in Georgia, hailing from various locations across the map, at our old haunt: the Rockstudio. Today we began crafting Part I of this collection of new songs with our longtime friend and collaborator, Anthony Stubelek. We had a fruitful first day, as documented in the above montage of moving pictures, and completed tracking drums for two songs. We’ll continue to update this blog daily over the next couple of weeks, as our sessions continue and as plans for the release evolve. Thanks to everyone who has been keeping tabs on CTTS through dry spells and downpours alike. We can not wait to share these songs with you.

Ναι ρε πουστη ναιιιιιιιιιιιι.Απο τις τοπ αγαπημενες μπαντες μου.Να κανουν και κανα πραφ και σκασουν Ελλαδα.Πωωωωωωωω

ναι, σε 5 χρόνια πάλι θα μας πουν ότι βγήκαν απ’το στούντιο, και σε 10 χρόνια θα βγει το σιντί.

Ναι, το να σκάσουν Ελλάδα είναι στις άμεσες προτεραιότητές τους.

Κατά τ’άλλα, άμα έχει βγει μέχρι το 2012 που θα καταστραφεί ο πλανήτης, θα’μαστε τυχεροί :stuck_out_tongue:

Δε γινοταν να μη πω δυο κουβεντες, εστω, εδω.

Απ’ το '06 περιμενω, στη φαση που περιμενει κι ο Rip ομως, να τσεκαρω blogs, να στελνω mail, κλπ. Αν φτασουν τα επιπεδα του ATRU για μενα θα ειναι ο καλυτερος δισκος για το '11.

biggie, για άλλους θα είναι της δεκαετίας λολ.

Χεβυ μεταλ. \μ/

Edit: Ξερω οτι κανεις πλακα, απλα ειμαι λιγο δεμενος με το Roots.

όχι, το εννοώ, για άλλους θα είναι της δεκαετίας. και για μένα ίσως, αλλά δε λέω μεγάλα λόγια ακόμα.

α οκ

φωτογραφια παλια (σε spoiler μη γεμιζουμε)

ή αλλιως η jodie foster του screamo. μεχρι τωρα παντως μ εχουν προιδεασει για κατι πιο μελωδικο - δε με χαλα, το αντιθετο πιθανοτατα, επειδη μετα απο τοσα χρονια δεν εχει ιδιαιτερο νοημα να βγαλουν ενα ATRU no2

recording update απο το blog, ανανεωνεται τακτικα πλεον και περιμενουμε


Decompositions: Volume 1 θα λέγεται τελικά ο δίσκος και θα κυκλοφορήσει τον Νοέμβρη

Θα πάρουμε μια μικρή γεύση με το ψηφιακό ep (Rites of Initiation) που θα βγει στο bandcamp του συγκροτήματος στις 23 Αυγούστου

?We have spent vast amounts of time exploring every fractal peak and recursive valley in the landscape that these songs describe, and we are eager to provide our listeners with the opportunity to glimpse a portion of this realm, and to immerse themselves in the labyrinth of startling curves and staggering depths that we?ve been lost within for so long,? says co-vocalist/guitarist Drew Speziale. ?Rites of Initiation documents the ill-lit, inward-leading, forever-winding pathways that eventually take hold, on a search for the authentic in an increasingly artificial world. When the boundaries between thinking and knowing, dreaming and waking, living and dying all begin to blur, a terrifyingly primal vision begins to bleed through the fragile veil of consensus perception. To surrender to it, embracing the other side is our ?rite of passage.? We?ve crafted these songs in an attempt to sing that Transition into being.?

Rites of Initiation Track Listing:
I. Enter By The Narrow Gates
II. Spirit Narrative
III. Way of Ever-Branching Paths
IV. The Ancestral Other Side

Το Vol 1 μου αρεσει, λες και παιζει να βγαλουν τριτο τοσο που το τραβηξαν.

Για να ειδούμεεε, τελικά η χρονιά έχει πολύ ψωμί! Γεμάτη με δισκάρες, επιστροφές, ελληνικές επιθέσεις, τα πάντα όλα. Aνυπομονουμε για τη μεγαλη επιστροφη:D

Καινούριο τραγούδι streamαρει [u]εδώ[/u]

Θα περιμένω να βγει το ep, αν και το ιδανικό είναι να ακούσω ολόκληρο τον δίσκο όταν κυκλοφορήσει.


[spoiler]III. Way Of Ever-Branching Paths

“Reality is not always probable, or likely.”
-Jorge Luis Borges

At your doorstep
Cloaked in negative space
First frost aches
To lay its claim

At the threshold
Between without and within
First foot prints
Disgrace the virgin soil
Ignoring refusal
Let the winter in
Indian Summer
Defiant forever
Let winter have its way

Through hollow insides
Made of branching halls
First step falls

Vanishing reasons
I chose this course
Death is in season
Inward to source
Vanishing reasons
I chose this course
Death is in Season
Step inside…
One thousand faces
Stare back from their fractured origin

In turn,
Turn another corner
And lose my place
A blue-print for disorder
The Way of Disarray

Backward glare
Burnished obsidian walls
Reflect the endings
That will never…

Fold the corners over
To hold my place
The panic feels so familiar
In a breath-work maze

Clear the air
Ceremonial smoke rings
Fill the creases
Where the trauma collects

You better keep your thought forms clean
How we, the Conjured, seek
To breach the compass of this dream

Tangental slipstreams
Derail our train of thought
Stationed in fog
In constant revision
Infinite indecision
Within a finite space

Help me hide it away
Under thin coats of cracking paint
Under smothering sound-scapes
Where every layer I’ve made
Competes for a place

Enchanting parlor tricks
And slights of hand
Made me a god
Here in obscurity
Confined to making believe

So help me wish it away…
But how long,
How long
Before I’d beg to bring it back into life?
To bring it into the blue grey
The Grey matters
Matters of the Maker

Mark and Measure
Locus of control
Order, theorized
Crooked, our belief
In the straight line

Leave room for failure
One fatal mistake
That human touch
Planning its own obsolescence

The scent of senescence
So much potential
Fated to fade
Our monuments
Willing their own expiration

Ground to powder
Chaos, improvised
Stolen fire
Blessed are the thieves
In these End Times

Distill it down into a single line
Meet the demands of the mountainside
Compromise is such a loaded word
When landslides are singing

Hermetic melodies
Only we could hear
We clutch the chords
Forgotten anthems reappear

Encoded messages
Only we could speak
In native tongues
Ancient strains have gone to seed

Entangled crossroads
Only we could see
Beyond the fear
Our new creation will be gleaned

From the wastelands
Of the insincere
Winged beauty she looms
Within a derelict cocoon

Inspiration strikes
Under flashing flood lights
Winged beauty emerge
To search this tortured world for new growth
Resurface, Recreate, and Redeem

Of night

These Laced
Of Hekate’s

Mind streams
Her lead


The Rites of
I chose this course
Inward to source
Follow the stations
Through branching halls
Fever breaks my fall

Dionysus, good heavens
You’ve gone to pieces
In search of closure, you went within…
Everything and Nothing
In counter movements,
Rotating spins-
A dream,
A dream
And nothing more.

Chart the startling curves
Of your dementia
(No way out)
Map the staggering depths
Of one dimension
(No way out)
Like clockwork witchcraft
One must suffer to pass
Suffer to Pass
Like clockwork witchcraft
My dreams now abandon me
Suffer To Pass

In time, you’ll add my shadow
To your overspilling urn
And match my every move
Step for step, turn for turn

Reclaimed by a destiny I revoked
A trajectory, resigned
In surrender
Storm clouds gather in this altered state

To the recklessness of perception
Bathed in artificial light
Steeped in fabricated time
Storm clouds gather in this altered state

The Great Wheel:
Void of progress

The Great Work:
Grieve the dying
Dying art
Art of process

Tunnel visions
Wander without aim
Through the Gauntlet

Spirit Guides,
Forward Exits-
Disembodied nights
Shrouded in war paint
Losing mind
To behold…
The Other Side
TAKE HOLD.[/spoiler]

Δεν εχω λογια. Ειλικρινα, δηλαδη, δεν εχω. Το λατρεψα.

Κυκλοφόρησε το ep.

stream και στίχοι

Μάλλον θα περιμένω το άλμπουμ ολόκληρο… Ξερετε ποτε κυκλοφορεί?? (οποτε να κάνω μια μαντεψια για το ποτε θα λικαρει)

Νοεμβρη, μη βαριεσαι να διαβασεις το topic :stuck_out_tongue:

τρομερή πρώτη εντύπωση. Μου λειψε λίγο το τουπα τουπα κοπανημα, αλλά περιμενουμε εναγωνιως το συνολο

Γενικά αυτό θα βγει φέτος?:-s

Να ξέρω αμά ειναι να ετοιμάζω την λίστα μου, δε περιμένω κάτι άλλο.

Το “ep” πάντως πολύ καλό.