I am not greek..... either

I’m a student in scotland who is flatmates with a mod on this forum (I think). I thought i’d have a wee look seen as he is constantly on this site or pr0ns when i walk into his room :confused:

I know very little greek ,just “bad” words eg kariola. I’ve attended pretty much all the gigs my friend has in the last year or so (green day, blue october, crippled black phoenix, billy talent + more that i cant remember) He has invited me to greece a bunch of times but i think i will be going some time shortly after new year or summer 10. In the meantime i thought i could just annoy you here before i get to greece and annoy youin person if your unfortunate enough to meet me lolzl

As i sed i know v little greek so i’ll respond and post in only pictures :slight_smile:

the issue is…

HOW do you pronounce Karyola?
There have been many Brits,Scotts, Canadians etc…and most of them mess it up!

If he spends too much time in front of the computer “being a mod”, smack him in the face and encourage him to do something ELSE!:lol:

ALL Greeks invite foreign friends to visit us.
The real deal though,is when this actually happens.
Only then you realize the true meaning of such an invitation!

(unless, he spents his time here infront of the computer as well!)

He will be getting one when i see him next. Actually i have the pronounciation of kariola perfect KAR EEE YO LA

see if you can guess the mod… maybe it wont be too hard but cool mystery for you


Mate, I trust your flatmate hasn’t “forgotten” to also let you know that here we refer to him as “gay emo”, “mainstream TSOYTSEKI (AKA little piece of shit, roughly translated - his words, not mine!)” etc.?

Either way, I welcome you to our colorful, mad-as-a-hatter forum. Long live the Ancient Land of the Celts! There’s a bloke in this forum nicknamed Thorgal that you should -all in probability- have a lot to share with and who will quite certainly shit his pants with excitement that a genuine Scotsman has finally registered in the forum! (unless you happen to support Rangers FC, in which case I suggest you find yourself a hiding hole). I myself like you lads a lot, although I’m more of a pro-Irish bully, I think you people up there are a little gay compared to them… still, a Celt is always a Celt.


A BIT GAY?? em may i remind you that the romans built a wall to keep us caged in lol.

The thorgal guy will shit himelf even more when he finds out i have ginger hair aswell lol but then will cry because…

as pic says… “simply the best”

Romans, Schmomans, brotha! The (ancient) past is the past, no point recanting it for all eternity. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thorgal? Nah, with ginger hair (lol) he’s alright (I… think). With unionist biggots, not really! :smiley:

Not that I really mind wherever you stand, right? Just so you won’t misunderstand me.

ποστ ε πικ οβ γιου του σι ιφ γουη αρ γκονα ασχοληθεησον σοβαρεησον ουιθ γιου



“Hug a ginger” day was only a couple of days ago!


im i little concerned about just how much you know about my country…

somehow my other pic didnt work :confused:

im on the side that nothing happens. kinda like it that way

also kick a ginger day was just a year ago :S luckily by then i was a big boy

Noooow we’re getting somewhere. So tell us, what BREED are you? :lol:

We know a lot about any country whose people don’t like them BRITISH BASTARDS :!:

As a Scot I don’t find myself “british” i see myself as scottish.
Scottish people have a deep seated hatred toward those south of the border. i dont wanna pick fights just stating the truth :slight_smile:

Btw completely unrelated but just watching big bang theory… epic

hey mate welcome!!

We became international!!

Πόσο μπροστά ήταν ο godsmack τελικά

for the welcome

The thing is, mate, you are the second foreign person that signs-up in our epic forum (arguably the best rock forum in Europe). In Greece the only second we like is second to nothing. Just kidding. Welcome anyway.

Welcome :roll:
Dear Scot, you got a name that I didnt catch? :wink:

Ye it was because i saw jason loling at the other persons thread that i thought id join and see what all the lol was about only to realise that i cant really see the lol because its in greeklish…


welcome to our humble forum mate!Post some of your favorite artists/bands if you want to.

lol o κοκκινοτρίχης