I am not greek..... either

gotta love the dog emotes…
FADGE! Iz an awesome name to call out loud!! :lol:
Fav. bands??? :stuck_out_tongue:

xaxaxaxa. I Loled. Epic SP.


do you support a football team?

Are u into BDSM?

just kidding btw :smiley: Tell me if u feel offended I know where to stop :smiley:

Heyyy welcome :smiley: I love your country (…and I hope that I will manage to go to Edinburgh for post-graduate studies [-o<)
So, what are your favourite bands???

mate…what’s with the dogs?:stuck_out_tongue:

do you support a football team?


μπα σε καλο σου!

i didnt really think you would log in :expressionless:

anyway, the big difference between this thread an the other foreign is that the other one has boobs.

Other than that, i didnt that the big ol’ satyr would give a rats ass about another international user, although i was mistaken. He must be bi.

Go on, post you favorite bands, i need people backing me up

Hello Neil :stuck_out_tongue:

How are u m8? Have you finished your gay videogame ?

niall μωργ kar ee o la

Γιες μπατ νταζ ιτ μέικ απ φορ δι όβερολ (εντ αντισπιούτιντ) πατσαβούριτυ; Χάρντλι, νταζ ιτ;

Says the Green Day fan! :roll:

Look here you bitch, you don’t test my patience, or I shall skisw your patos (and no, this is not a gay innuendo). Antilavou mwrh?

Oh DID it? how come i didnt see anything? I only saw some kind of a guitar and a hooded figure.

Did i read somewhere that he’s ginger? :oops:


οχι ρε δεν ειναι διπλο account του mr_blahblahblah…

δεν ειναι ρε καχυποπτοι

δεν ειναι σας λεω

Οχι χωρις πλακα.

Συγκατοικος μου ειναι

τον ξερεις δλδ?καλο παιδι?

Οχι δεν τον ξερει, πρωτη φορα χθες τον ειδε τυχαια στην κουζινα

μου τη σπαει οταν συμβαινει αυτο