I am not greek

Hi, I’m an American university student who is going to be studying in Athens starting in January :smiley: Sorry for posting in English but I don’t know Greek yet (I have been using Google translate which isn’t the best but I can get the gist of what people are saying). I am going to be learning it while I am in Greece. I have taken a semester of Ancient Greek but that probably is not so useful here… :stuck_out_tongue:

I love music and so I want to go to concerts while I’m in Greece. Also I play guitar and would love to form a band in Greece! Here I play in a progressive metal band with black metal, nu-metal, and post-rock influences…

Do you know GodsmackGR???

Hey there, enjoy your stay in Athens!

I’m sure that you will find a lot of interesting things in this forum 8)

the band Godsmack? I know them, I saw them in concert actually. They’re not one of my favourite bands but my friend really likes them. I don’t listen to them much but they put on a good show.

thanks freedomofrock :smiley: I just wanted to know what the music scene was like in Athens so I found this forum. I have found some cool Greek post-rock bands from blogs like Misuse…really awesome band. I would love to play music like that.

There is also a user.The holy and famous around the world GodsmackGR.

Notice the -GR.He is an international user, if you see him in a foreign forum, you will understand that he is GREEK!!!

haha … no I had not heard of him until now. I will keep a look out for him!

hello mate!
welcome and enjoy your stay in the shitty(city) of Athens.
Feel free to ask anything about this forum, and will be clad to help toy!

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It’s “glad” and “you” actually:p

Hiya. Do mention your favourite bands. And -why not- post your band’s myspace link =)

Howdy! Hope you enjoy life in Athens and good luck with your studies! 8)

Hey welcome to our forum and to greece.I hope you’ll enjoy our country and the life here.
Stay heavy \m/

Basically, you have to taste souvlaki 8)8)

Rocking.gr goes international! Μεγαλεία!

Welcome, enjoy your stay in Athens! (cuz you aren’t going to enjoy the studies:p)

Welcome,enjoy your stay here!:smiley:

As the guys said earlier,do post the bands you like and the myspace of your band!

Ancient Greek ? Good luck with that… :smiley:

Wish you a pleasant stay my friend, enjoy the Greek girls and the Greek food. Study hard, drink a lot of ouzo, spend a lots of money in fancy things and last but not least stay away from the bullies roaming the streets. :wink:

Welcome tou our forum…i’m sure you’ll find greece very interesting…I give you 2-3 months to start punching your testicles…but then everything will be better…

Well my favourite bands are U2, Bloc Party, Interpol, This Town Needs Guns, Radiohead, As Cities Burn, The Fall of Troy, and many more… i also really really love post-rock as I mentioned, and I really like heavier stuff too. I want to see Katatonia and Enslaved while I’m in Athens.

here is my last.fm http://www.last.fm/user/loveisblindness

Unfortunately my band doesn’t have a myspace yet. Our bassists keep quitting! So we need a new bassist, so we can record. We have a whole album written though.

thanks all for being so welcoming … I feel bad coming in here and not knowing Greek, but I haven’t had time to take it in my school yet (I already take Latin and Ancient Greek). I got an app for my iPod with words and phrases, but it doesn’t really explain the grammar at all, so it’s not that useful. However I will be taking a class in Athens.

freedomofrock - yes I am excited to try Greek food! I think in general it is probably healthier than American food…

Please don’t keep people away from our beautifull and democratic country :stuck_out_tongue:

The world is laughing

actually I am a girl … how are the Greek boys? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

yeah i am interested to try ouzo, i have never had it, though they do sell it in liquor stores here