Mark Lanegan


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Ένας χρόνος ε


Λείπεις ρε Dark Mark :black_heart:


Με πηρε πολυ απο κατω περσι το βραδυ που διαβασα οτι πεθανε ,τεραστιος μουσικος,εχω κλαψει με κομματια του και δεν θυμαμαι πολλους μουσικους που να χω δεθεί μαζι τους τοσο πολυ συναισθηματικά


Εμείς οι άσχετοι (εντελώς) τι ακούμε? Ε @pantelis79 ?

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Από μένα, γι’ αρχή SCREAMING TREES (“Sweet Oblivion” & “Uncle Anesthesia”), “Whisky for the Holy Ghost” & “Scraps at Midnight” από τα προσωπικά του και το “Broken” των SOULSAVERS.

Με αυτά που έκανε από 00ς και μετά δεν είμαι εξοικειωμένος, θυμάμαι ότι η συνεργασία με ISOBELL CAMPBELL δε με είχε συγκινήσει όσο θα περίμενα.


Καλα στα ειπε κι ο @ChrisP. Εδω ο οδηγος μας, σε γενικες γραμμες συμφωνω :stuck_out_tongue:. Θα γραψω μετα και πιο αναλυτικα.

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Επανακυκλοφορία για τα 20 χρόνια του Bubblegum (23 Αυγούστου), με ακυκλοφόρητο υλικό από τις τότε ηχογραφήσεις συν ντεμος σε διάφορα δωμάτια ξενοδοχείων από την περιοδεία.


We are thrilled to announce Bubblegum XX, the 20th anniversary edition on August 23rd.

Bubblegum is undoubtedly one of Mark Lanegan’s masterpiece records. A dark, throbbing malevolent cauldron of songs.

After years spent honing his craft as a songwriter, Mark took some time out to join his comrades in QOTSA which heavily informed his next visit to the studio.

The sessions for this record found Mark at one of his most creative and experimental peaks. Surrounded by an incredible collection of musicians,Bubblegum is the sum of all these extraordinary parts.

The original Bubblegum record, its sister EP ‘Here comes the weird chill’ & the bsides from those records have all been remastered at Abbey Road studios in London.

We went into his archive and we’ve pulled out some of the unreleased songs that were recorded during those same sessions and mastered those too. There was a wealth of astonishing material (that now adds Beck to the list of accomplices), and reading through Mark’s notes, we saw that all of these were included in the final running order at one point or another before the final tracklist was called.

The set is rounded out with a collection of demos produced by Troy Van Leeuwen. Troy recorded these in various hotel rooms on the Gold Coast of Australia when they were on tour. They are beautiful and included here in their entirety. A really special collection of recordings.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Bubblegum is the beginning of a small series of plans we have for this year.

Your kind words and love for Mark have been the source of much comfort in recent times, and we’re excited to be able to share with you previously unreleased material as a thank you.