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Jailbreak [Mercury, 1976]
The proof of how desperate people are for new Springsteen is that they’ll settle for this–even “The Boys Are Back in Town” is the sort of thing that ends up in Bruce’s wastebasket. If Irish teen traumas are as boring as Phil Lynott’s descriptions of them, it’s no wonder they have trouble maintaining their birthrate. And if Irish teen traumas are as secondhand as Scott Gorham’s guitar lines, the Irish will probably end up preferring Springsteen too. B-

In the Court of the Crimson King [Atlantic, 1969]
The plus is because Peter Townshend likes it. This can also be said of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Beware the forthcoming hype–this is ersatz shit. D+

Black Sabbath [Warner Bros., 1970]
The worst of the counterculture on a plastic platter–bullshit necromancy, drug-impaired reaction time, long solos, everything. They claim to oppose war, but if I don’t believe in loving my enemies I don’t believe in loving my allies either, and I’ve been worried something like this was going to happen since the first time I saw a numerology column in an underground newspaper. C-

Lateralus [Volcano, 2001]
What am I supposed to say about the latest in meaning-mongering for the fantasy fiction set? That they are not as good as King Crimson? That I do not like my Billy Cobham comp even less? That this is not progress? That I am not a virgin? All of the above. Plus I never liked Crimson much to begin with. C

My War [SST, 1984]
Depleted by the kind of corporate strife I thought these guys were too cynical to fall for (which may be why they did), Henry Rollins’s adrenalin gives out. The consequent depression is so monumental that even Greg Ginn succumbs, adding only one classic to his catalogue of noise solos (“The Swinging Man”) and grinding out brain-damaged cousins of luded power chords behind the three dirges that waste side two. But things do start off manically enough, with the title tune (refrain: “You’re one of them”) and five minutes of Henry explaining why he smiles so much (which I never noticed). B-

Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables [I.R.S., 1980]
I do want there to be more punk rock–I do, I do. I do want there to be more left-wing new wave–really. By Americans–I swear it. But not by a would-be out-of-work actor with Tiny Tim vibrato who spent the first half of the '70s concocting “rock cabaret.” Admittedly, I’m guessing, but I’m also being kind–it sounds like Jello Biafra discovered the Stooges in 1977. C+

Godbluff [Mercury, 1975]
Inspirational Verse (from Peter–note spelling–Hammill, yet): “Fickle promises of treaty, fatal harbingers of war, futile orisons/swirl as on in the flight, this mad chase,/this surge across the marshy mud landscape/until the meaning is forgotten.” D+

αυτό που λένε “τον δικαίωσε η ιστορία” :lol::lol:

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πολλοι κριτικοι μουσικης,κινηματογραφου και γενικοτερα,ειναι μαλακες και κομπλεξικοι γιατι στην πραγματικοτητα ηθελαν να γινουν δημιουργοι και δεν εγιναν ειτε επειδη δεν μπορουσαν ειτε επειδη προσπαθησαν και εφαγαν κραξιμο και για αυτο βγαζουν τα απωθημενα τους στις δημιουργιες αλλων.Αλλοι τα παιρνουν,αλλοι προωθουν ‘‘δικα τους παιδια’’ και γενικα αστα να πανε.Ο καλυτερος κριτης για αυτα που ακουμε,βλεπουμε ειναι ο εαυτος μας και οχι οι χρονοπουλοι,οι χαμεροπουλοι και οι φραγκουληδες.
εδιτ:και οι βαθμολογιες ειτε ειναι με κλιμακα του 10 ειτε με αστερακια ειτε με ο,τι σκατακια υπαρχουν ειναι ενα αστειο.Δηλαδη υπαρχει ζυγαρια ποιοτητας που βαζεις πανω το εργο και σου βγαζει την αξια του;Ελεος!

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Ε ναι ρε συ. Κάτι Christgauνηδες τους έχουμε για πρωινό εδώ στο ροκιν 8)8)

Χαχαχα! ντάξει ο τύπος πάντως είναι DEAN!!! έχει γράψει πολλές μαλακίες. Σε όλα τα Nirvana/Who/Lynyrd Skynyrd έχει βάλει καλές βαθμολογίες.

A Farewell to Kings [Mercury, 1977]
The most obnoxious band currently making a killing on the zonked teen circuit. Not to be confused with Mahogany Rush, who at least spare us the reactionary gentility. More like Angel. Or Kansas. Or a power-trio Uriah Heep, with vocals revved up an octave. Or two. D

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Atom Heart Mother [Harvest, 1970]
Believe it or not, the, er, suite on the first side is easier to take than the, gawd, songs on the second. Yeah, they do leave the singing to an anonymous semi-classical chorus, and yeah, they probably did get the horns for the fanfares at the same hiring hall. But at least the suite provides a few of the hypnotic melodies that made Ummagumma such an admirable record to fall asleep to. D+

οφείλουμε να του αναγνωρίσουμε πάντως ότι είχε επιλέξει το Τurn On The News των Husker Du ως κομμάτι της χρονιάς (1983)!

Και τα χαλασμένα ρολόγια δυο φορές τη μέρα σωστά δείχνουν :stuck_out_tongue:

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