Stoner Rock/Heavy Rock Κυκλοφοριες-Προτασεις




Το Duchess!



Μερικά ενδιαφέροντα τραγουδάκια που κυκλοφόρησαν φέτος

Ignu - Snow
The Necromancers - Lucifer’s Kin
War Cloud - Red Witch
Kadavar - Vampires
Spaceslug - Parahorizon
Deaf Radio - Vultures & Killers
Red Scalp - Lost Ghosts
Hound - Demon Eyes
Youngblood Supercult - Wormwood
Red Mountains - Rat King
Howling Giant - Circle of Druids
The Midnight Ghost Train - Red Eyed Junkie Queen
Mad Monkees - I Cannot Feel
Cloud Catcher - Beyond The Electric Sun
Zeremony - Oak Leaves
Duel - Witchbanger
Bask - A Graceless Shuffle
Widows - Ride to the Realm of Coitus
Woodhawk - Chrononaut
Mothership - Crown of Lies
Spidergawd - is this love…?
White Light Cemetery - Looking Out [For Number One]
Hey Satan - Legal Aspect of Love
Sons of Morpheus - Down
The Flying Eyes - Circle Of Stone
Nekromant - Ashes & Rain
The Wizards - Stardust

οταν βρω χρόνο θα ποστάρω κι άλλα κομμάτια


οι The Flying Eyes έβγαλαν πολύ ωραίο δισκάκι
θα ακούσω Ignu και Deaf Radio



Πολυ ωραιο αυτο


Ωραίο γκρουβ με επιβλητικά φωνητικά


Ξέθαψα μια συλλογή που είχα κάνει με Σουηδικά heavy rock κομματάκια και σκέφτηκα να την ποστάρω και εδώ…

454 - Welcome to slavery
Abramis Brama - Bilder
Albatros - Blues for Drugged Love
Asteroid - Towers
Astroqueen - Brain Phase Voyage
Black Bonzo - Where the river meets the sea
Blind Dog - Sun
Blowback -The big black hole
Boogieman- December
Bozeman’s Simplex - Head First /Into The Sun
Burning Colossus - Witchdoctor
Burning Saviours - Lilly Marion
B-thong - Falling Down
Captain Crimson - Don´t Take Me For a Fool
Catapult The Smoke - Go With The Wave
Dead Man - Further
Dear Mutant - Black Rainbow
Demon Cleaner - The Aftermath
Deville - Rise Above
Dexter Jones’ Circus Orchestra - Infected grounds
Dödaren "Ågren Ner I Graven"
Dozer- Big Sky Theory
El Camino - Hail The Horns
Electric Earth - Space Mammoth
El Gordo - Black diamond
Firestone - Nigel Mansel
Freedom Bleeder - Breathing
Fuzzdevil - The Man
Gordon Fights - Time Machine
GRAVEYARD - Satan’s Finest
Greenleaf - Treehorn
Haiabusa "Grains Of Sand"
Half Man - Pigs In Space
Harms Way - Hocus Pocus
HORISONT - Visa Vägen
Jeremy Irons & the Ratgang Malibus - "Spirit Knife"
Kamchatka - Mixed Emotions
Kaross "Crimson Skies"
Långfinger - Herbs in My Garden
Lé Betre "Shades Of Grey"
Lowrider - Flat Earth
Mac Blagick - Girl of the storm
Magnolia - Alla Undrar
Maha Sohona - Asteroids
Mammoth Volume - Seagull
Mamont - Creatures
Mangrove - Electric Eye
Marulk - I see you in my dreams
Matadors - Ahead of My Time
Maurfahr - Closed
Misdemeanor - Love Song
Mother Misery - I Will Never Learn
Mudhorse - Troubled Brew
Mustasch - Double Nature
Noctum - Mistress
Norrsken - Beware
Numbah Ten - Trip of Madness
Old Man’s Will - Smidesvals
Ponamero Sundown "Simple Man"
Propane Propane - Rise
Ridge - Fuelle
Roachpowder - "No Reasons"
Sgt. Sunshine - Culebra
Sideburn - Top of The World
Siena Root - Into The Woods
Souldivider - The Rift
Southfork - When I’m Down
Space Probe Taurus - Psi-Burn
Spice and the RJ Band - Like A Rose
Spiritual Beggars - Euphoria
Stonewall Noise Orchestra - Clone Baby
Sub Second Rocket - Desert Pearl
Suma - Dominator
Terra Firma - Threefivenine
Thalamus - Firefly
The Awesome Machine - El Bajo
The Mushroom River Band - My Vote Is Blank
The Quill - Drifting
The Satellite Circle - The Beginning of the End of the World
Three Seasons - Each To Their Own
Troubled Horse - Shirleen
Truckfighters - Momentum
Twin Earth - The End of the Road
VIDUNDER - Into Her Grave
Witchcraft - Her Sisters They Were Weak
Year Of The Goat - “Of Darkness”


γαμει το δισκακι!

Οπως και αυτο .


Όπως κι αυτό


Τσακιζει κοκκαλα!

Ωραιος ηχος!

Εχω πει για την αδυναμια που εχω στους Cowboys & Aliens , ετσι ; Βελγοι που ροκαρουν απιστευτα . Το ειχαν διαλυσει το μαγαζι , νομιζω το 2006 αλλα εδω και μια 5ετια ειναι και παλι δραστηριοι και εχουν κυκλοφορησει 2 EPs.

Οσοι δεν τους ξερετε , ριξτε μια αυτια και πειτε και την γνωμη σας.


Gozu - Equilibrium (2018)



Τσεκ το Distant Shores

το Control

το You Never Were

Το Witness Marks



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Hard Blues Rock


hard rock φάση


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