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Former JUDAS PRIEST Guitarist K.K. DOWNING Says His Replacement RICHIE FAULKNER ‘Should Have Been Allowed To Be His Own Person’

I think Richie [ Faulkner , Downing 's replacement] should have been allowed to be his own person. And if he likes to play Gibson Les Pauls , then he should go on stage and play those and not be encouraged to play Flying Vs and wear clothes like me and look like me and do all of that.

“When Ripper [vocalist Tim Owens ] joined [ JUDAS PRIEST as the replacement for Rob Halford ], we gave him license to be himself — we didn’t say, ‘You’ve gotta do this like Rob or that like Rob ,’” Downing continued. “So, essentially, my initial reaction was that the guys have cloned me. I thought, well, maybe they think it’s a good move because the fans won’t miss me and they’ll kind of, in a way, from 10 rows back, think I’m still there. And the fact that my image was used in so much of the publicity for the upcoming tour. Maybe that’s what went on. I think that Richie is such a good player in his own right that he should have been allowed to be himself. And, of course, when Glenn [ Tipton ] stepped down [last year after revealing that he has Parkinson’s disease], I didn’t see the same thing happening on that side of the stage.”

Φαρμακογλωσσα ο KK,δεν αφηνει τιποτε να πεσει κατω,θεωρει οτι ακομα και το δερματινο παντελονι που φοραει ο faulkner,το αντιγραψανε.


ποτέ δεν ξέρεις, ειχαν μεταποιησεί μια καμπαρτινα που φοραγε ο ριππερ και το έβαλε στo ριγιουνιον και ο rob.




Τους γλεντάει ο ΚΚ :sunglasses:
Έχει γίνει λίγο σαπουνόπερα το θέμα ωστόσο.


Ας κανει ενα project με τον timακο,να δουμε τι θα βγει.


Πίκρα βγάζει και συνήθως όσο μεγαλύτερη η πίκρα τόσο περισσότερα μαργαριτάρια. Εκεί που είχε τη συμπάθεια όλων βλέπω σιγά σιγά με τέτοιες δηλώσεις να τη χάνει.


Πιστευω πως αν ο ΚΚ γυρισει στους Πριστ, ο Ρομπ θα γινει καλυτερος απο τον Ριππερ.