UP THE HAMMERS FESTIVAL XV - Gagarin 205 . 13-14 / 3 / 2020

Άλλοι οι Riot City άλλοι οι Riot Act

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Γράψε λάθος. Κατάλαβες όμως.

Όποιος θέλει να πάρει εισητηριο για Atlantean Kodex πάντως καλά θα κάνει να βιαστεί. Από ανακοίνωση που διάβασα έχουν μείνει λιγότερο από 100.


το θέμα είναι ποιος θέλει να πάει σε τιγκαρισμένο ΑΝ

παρόλα αυτά μια διευκρίνηση ως προς το που προμηθευόμαστε εισιτήρια θα ήταν καλοδεχούμενη


No remorse σίγουρα, μάλλον και αλλού. Τσίμπησα για ΑΚ μαζί με cd Orodruin κι έρχεται σπίτι. Αρκεί να αγοράσεις online και κάτι άλλο πέρα από το εισιτήριο.


E-mail από την δουλειά αργά χθες το απόγευμα, ότι 12/3 πρέπει να είμαι Θεσσαλονίκη.

Μόλις βγήκα από το γραφείο του αφεντικού, έχοντας παίξει ξύλο μαζί του για μισή ώρα για τους Atlantean Kodex. Βγήκα νικητής.

Αν είναι να χάσω αυτή τη δουλειά, θα τη χάσω για καλό σκοπό!


Χαχαχα ωραιος. Θα σε ανακυρηξουμε στην σκηνη ως Lion of Chaldea :stuck_out_tongue:


Είσαι λατρεία ρε φίλε … Ελπίζω να τα πούμε ( και ) εκεί


Απο οτι δειχνει Agent Steel τον πουλο…


A disheartening and disturbing statement from Niklaas Cyriis — JC/AS Facebook admin — and the family of John Cyriis — regarding Up the Hammers festival 2020.

Agent Steel were very enthusiastic as to taking the stage os Friday night’s headliner at Up the Hammers Festival 2020, until a very disturbing event came about — which seriously concerned our family.

The screenshots seen below show the bassist Dustin Smith, of the band RIOT CITY, replying to one of my comments made on a mutual friend’s post. The clear and outright homophobic libelous assault on John Cyriis and myself, his family, clearly shows the extreme bias this bassist has towards my father and our family — adding insult to injury his ignorance extends to homophobic libelous assaults upon the family members of John Cyriis, such as myself being his son —administrator of this John Cyriis/Agent Steel Official Facebook page.
What makes this bassist’s “modus operandi” ever more disturbing is— the fact that “when I reached out to the promoter” of “Up the Hammers Festival” — forwarding him the below screenshots, clearly demonstrating Mr Smith’s homophobic libelous assault on my father and I, for absolutely no reason — the promoter acted in a heartless, and rude manner as his response to my plight. Therefore, this gives us a clear-cut understanding that if the inverse were to be staged by my father, or anyone in the new AGENT STEEL, we have all reason to believe the promoter would not hesitate for one-second—to respond with an all-out attack against John and the band — like a shark in bloody water. Basically, these kinds of libelous homophobic assaults — splatted from the diarrhea-mouth of Mr Smith — clearly demonstrates not only his ignorance and disrespect for a veteran vocalist in the Heavy Metal genre, but also demanded narrates his unflinching disrespect toward the family of musicians for whom hec as about to open the Shaw at UTH 2020:
My father and I, have never met Dustin Smith, let alone exchanged any words with him during any other instance - on Facebook.

Despite being a straight male, I have personally been a supporter of people’s choice and freedom of sexual orientation, and have always been taught to admire my fathers freedom loving stance as a stern supporter - of the LGBTQ community, and everyone’s life-given right to choose whom to love.
From the onset of Mr Smith’s reply (written on January 11th), our family have had several meetings, and we have approached our father with an ultimatum: We presented him with the ultimatum that he either stand firm for what is right, and for the rights of all who do not deserve to be slandered and assaulted on Facebook — especially by libelous homophobic commentary — and of course, for the dignity of our family, by approaching the promoter of UTH 2020 —with his own ultimatum — or we would disown him as a family member: My father John Cyriis, has agreed with our family, and decided to allow his personal rep. — my half-brother Slim — to instead present the promoter of UTH - with his own personal ultimatum. Slim clearly stated to the promoter of UTH — that for principles associated with morality, our family’s right to retain our dignity, and the rights of all musicians’ family members that they too be allotted the right to not have to endure the kind of assaults - such as the ones implemented by Mr Smith - Mr. John Cyriis has decided not take the same stage as Mr Smith, and his band, RIOT CITY.
Long story short, after reaching out to the promoter of UTH a second time, he once more replied by bluntly stating “RIOT CITY will play, do you want to cancel?”

I am staying here, on behalf of John Cyriis and Agent Steel before the public and fans that AGENT STEEL the Friday night headliner of UTH 2020 - have NOT chosen to cancel the show, but for principles clearly stated in this post, have instead to clarify to the promoter of UTH - that the band will not take the same stage as Mr. Dustin Smith and his band.
So in all fairness, if the promoter chooses to take the high-road and support Mr Smith’s libelous homophobic assault on John and his family — and worse, choose RIOT CITY over the festival’s headliner AGENT STEEL — then fans should inquiry as to the possibility of a refund for their pre-purchased ticket — by reaching out to either RIOT CITY, or the promoters at UP THE HAMMERS.

We at the Agent Steel headquarters are very disheartened, and we apologize to the fans who were eager to see the new AGENT STEEL live at Up the Hammers — who are in fact the lineup that is to appear on the forthcoming release ‘No Godz Before Me.’ Finalizing, as most may fathom by now, principle, and justice— always stands at the forefront of John Cyriis’ decision making, especially when it involves his family, and the right that people not be bullied by ignorant garage band mercenaries - who may be trolling for other losers and “WANNA BE’S”.
Regardless of the consequences following our expected reaction from the promoter claiming the band has cancelled, and we state here for the band that Agent Steel have done no such thing, we hope that those who read this post are now better informed as to the true circumstances that led to John Cyriis’ decision—to not take the same stage as Dustin Smith and RIOT CITY on Friday night at Up The Hammers Festival 2020. And so let me make it clear that “the perpetrator that is responsible for John’s decision - is clearly Dustin Smith, and the promoters UTH — not john and Agent Steel.” ; Agent Steel would gladly take the stage should UTH promoters choose to cancel Riot City from the running order.

In closing, I would like to make a statement on behalf of my father, and AGENT STEEL:
“AGENT STEEL IS A WORLD BAND”, and is NOT limited to having to do business with those who stand ruthless, and opposed -to the band’s principles, which are clearly the rights for all people to be respected, and who should agree that all should stand firm - for the rights of people’s choice of personal relationships - and for the rights of the families of all musicians’ - that they be treated ethically, and “with the utmost respect”. Thusly, all musicians should work together in peace, support one another and stand strong for the genre of Metal music - we are fighting to keep alive!; all Metal musicians should be respected, and appreciated for all the great music they share with all of us…THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE WORLD.”

Niklaas Cyriis
John Cyriis/Agent Steel Facebook Admin![image|396x500]

και το ερωτημα ειναι…ποιος θα μπορουσε να αναλαβει headliner την τελευταια στιγμη?
Μηπως θα ηταν ΓΑΜΩ να παιξουν δευτερη συνεχομενη μερα οι Atlantean Kodex?



η πρώτη μέρα είναι φωτιά με Riot City , Traveler , Smoulder . Αν έβαζαν τους Atlantean Kodex θα έχουν βάλει σχεδόν ο,τι καλύτερο στο είδος για το 2019

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Δεν ξερω τι θα γινει παντως εχει και συνεχεια…


Εχω να παω UTH απο το 2015 και παω φετος ειδικα και μονο για Atlantean Kodex, Throne Of Iron, Smoulder, Traveler, Riot City (4 στους 5 με τα καλυτερα albums του 2019 και οι Throne of Iron αναμενεται για μενα να ειναι στην 10αδα του 2020) και φυσικα SCALD (εκλεισα ticket για την πρωτη μερα οταν τους ανακοινωσαν, η αμεσως κορυφαια doom του πλανητη μετα τους Candlemass). Θα ηθελα να παω και την δευτερη μερα που εχει Sabire και Crypt Sermon αλλα ειναι too much για μενα πλεον…δεν αντεχω τριτη μερα σερι φεστιβαλ, εχω και οικογενεια και υποχρεωσεις να τρεχουν…ευχομαι για την καλυτερη λυση παντως αλλα προτιμω χιλιες φορες να ξαναδω σερι Atlantean Kodex σε ενα μεγαλο stage.

Γελάνε και οι πέτρες. Ο τύπος είναι και γραφικός και ψιλοχάλια ήταν αλλά ντάξ, να μην το κάνουμε θέμα.

Τι καραγκιοζιλικια είναι αυτά ρε, λίγος επαγγελματισμος ρε

Τι μαλαξ. Τι λουζερ. Κριμα

Κρίμα…και είχα κανονίσει να σκάσω με μάσκα εξωγήινου στο λαιβ


Argus off, Crush in

Εγω για τους Argus πήρα εισιτήριο. Λοιπόν δεν μας τα λενε καθολου καλα, ειναι η πρώτη μου εμπειρία με UTH και μάλλον και η τελευταια. Ποσες ακυρώσεις έχουμε ως τώρα, 2 (μαλλον Agent steel, Argus) η υπάρχουν και αλλες που δεν τις ξερω ?

Αυτές τις 2 ξέρω

Πάντα έτσι γίνεται

Τους κλείνει ένα χρόνο πριν . Όταν θα πάμε καλά να μαστε , θα έχουν ανακοινώσει ήδη το επόμενο

Σε ένα χρόνο γίνονται πολλά και δεν βλέπεις ποτέ το lineup αυτό

Έντιτ : Και heir apparent εδώ και καιρό

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Πάντως στην σελιδα των Argus στο bandcamp μεχρι πριν λιγες μέρες ειχαν την εμφανιση τους στο αν. Εγω ψέμματα δεν γραφω, οποιος δει τα ποστς μου στο warm up τοπικ θα δει οτι τo εγραφα πολυ πριν πάρω εισιτήριο οτι λόγω Argus ψηνόμουν και τελικα πήρα εισιτήριο , δεν το γραφω τώρα κατόπιν εορτής.